Ganesh Utsav (Festival)

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What would be a better way to start but write about my favorite god, Ganesha, who is famous world over due to his appearance. He has a human body with a face of an elephant. He is found in one corner of the house, in every Indian household irrespective of the religion. Symbolically, he signifies knowledge and wisdom.


Ganesh Utsav is celebrated in August and September. Each year the date varies, as they are as per the lunar calendar. It starts on the 4th day of lunar month of Bhadrapad. And ends on the fourteenth day, which is called Anand Chaturdashi.  This celebrated prominently in Mumbai where are his most ardent devotees.

murtisAlmost every 3rd household invite the Lord to their home during these days. This is, in the form of a clay icon. Simple rituals are performed invoking his presence, celebrated with family and friends.  He is adorned…

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A day and more in Mumbai…

Merge Experiences

All they know is that they are trying to get to the city of gold, and that’s enough, come on board they say. We’ll adjust.

– Suketu Mehta, Author, Maximum City.

MUMBAI, the pulsating island city, is condescendingly referred as the ‘Mayanagari’ or the city of dreams… a conglomeration of different communities, cultures and faith – diverse and worldly.  Country’s commercial and also a state capital, and highest contributor to country’s economy.  Home to the most humble and also the rich and the famous. 

Worli skyline

Mumbai was a once, a cluster of seven islands, mostly inhabited by the ‘Kolis’ or the fishing community and their deity is ‘Mumbadevi’, the mother goddess, after whom the city gets the name. The history, dates back to the 3rd century BC during the Mauryan Empire, who were contributors to the fascinating Buddhist caves at Kanheri, this is  evident of the city being part of…

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